NBTC Run’s SAP ERP System

NBTC is Earning ISO Certificate

NBTC has successfully signed a stipulated contract with a SAP provider, and went live on January 1st, 2016 for all headquarter dealings. SAP software system, which prides itself on crafting unique software systems for business, is taking the role for tie up NBTC’s method of managing all projects areas and develop its business strategies as the marketing and industries are changing.

The complete new implementation is consisting better approaches for the sustainability with NBTC clients since it is a foremost goal of us as well as keeping up with the Saudi market changes and support the inventiveness provision to transit customers to a services-oriented business.

Consumer expectations in Saudi Arabia have changed lately, and NBTC is proudly becoming an Omnichannel business where customers can get exactly the target they want across all channels and consumer touch points. That challenging provides unique integration and customization offerings to our customers for our specific work.