Introduction ...

Given the rapid and steady growth of the Saudi economy, NBTC Specialized Contracting was founded in 2008 with a vision to provide its service to the strong and growing Saudi market. In the sun-soaked country where extreme weather changes occur, quality and durability are the key distinctiveness. Thus, the Company was founded to fill in a significant gap and make a quality difference in the service chain for construction and commercial projects in KSA, therefore the main mission of the company has always been and shall remain the provisions of relevant specialized services in flooring, roofing, water proofing, concrete repair and fire protection.

Floor To Roof Specialist

Moreover, the company aims at providing these services at the most optimal local, regional and international standards. To make achieve this aim, the company seeks to collaborate and join its efforts with key suppliers and main players in the region and industry. Our background and the expertise of our staff include but not limited to participation significantly in several high-tech and prestigious projects in KSA. We invested in technology, manpower and equipment as this along with our adherence to quality and timely deliverance of work. Since its incorporation, the company is achieving unprecedented success enabling NBTC to be at a pioneering and prominent position in the market. Now, the Company is the main and top destination for clients looking for finishing, upgrading, repair and refurbishment services.